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Welcome to Midforms Festival 09

Midforms 09 PosterMidforms Festival 09 (MFF) is a 3-day Digital Culture Festival co-produced by the New Forms Media Society and presented as part of the Cultural Olympiad. MFF facilitates a curatorial design that encourages artists and participants alike to engage and discover the trans-disciplinary genres new media art has to offer.

There are two components: the main exhibition called “Shell” and the “Sound and Visual Series”.

“Shell” is a fresh concept for digital culture proliferation. Housed in the Shell are the inaugural Perl Series (custom built structures showcasing a genre of New Media Art) along with Visual Sound Lounge and roaming performance artists.

“The Sound and Visual Series” explores the edges of visual and audio design. Acclaimed electronic music producers and visual artists showcase the cutting edge in an underground dance environment. The nights include: Mosaic Sounds (Global Fusion), Techforms (Tech and Minimal) and BREAKFORMS (Breaks and HipHop).


March 5th-7th:

Thursday March 5th:
7-10pm Opening Reception
9 pm-late Mosaic Sounds and Shell Exhibition

Friday March 6th:
1-4pm SHELL Exhibition
9 pm-late Techforms and SHELL Exhibition

Saturday March 7th:
1-4pm SHELL Exhibition
9 pm-late Breaksform and Shell Exhibition

Please see the EVENTS page for full SHELL programming and Sound and Visuals artist Line-ups


$25 limited pre-sales
$30 there after
$75 Festival Pass

Tickets Available At:
Beat Street
Zulu Records
High Life
Club Zone

Midforms is presented by New Forms Media Society (NFMS)
General Information: (604) 728-3024


Great Northern Way Campus
577 Great Northern Way
Vancouver, B.C.
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A Warm Welcome To Midforms09!

Midforms09 is a new media art exposé. It is a precise response to the information and technological revolution; a fantastical digitalization of our cultural makeup. The concept is to explore our constantly morphing relationship with technology and culture. Midforms09 is a pioneering post-contemporary art project that will utilize emerging media technology to articulate our cultural possibilities.

The curatorial design is set to create a dialogue around digital culture, to make digital art more accessible to the public and to amplify awareness of the art and artists.

Technology has facilitated the formation of an artistic movement not limited by geography; a socially conscious network. Midforms is an extension of this framework, a gathering hub for creative minds to network and a point of celebration in our ever-evolving cultural memes.

Deep thanks for participating and have an amazing time.

Jennifer Maksymetz
Artistic Director