SHELL Exhibition and PERL Series
Opening Reception 7pm-10pm
Night Program 9pm- 2am

The digital culture Shell Exhibition features Perl installations. The Perls are unified and unique environments that represent a specific genre of new media art each with their own theme and medium. The Perl’s primary focus is to introduce and educate our audience to the diversity of new media art as well as to promote and work in partnership with local and international artists.

Social History of the Ghetto Blaster
Ghetto Blaster
An installation of over 60 ghetto blasters charting the history of the ghetto blaster as it relates to street culture , technology, analog nostalgia and the personal musings of collector and new media artist James Phillips.

Digital Art Gallery
digital Gallery
This digital gallery utilizes the latest techniques in the creation of digital art. Emerging local and international artists will present their works in a diverse variety of formats including traditional digital print, interactive audio art, augmented reality, and live digital painting.
Featuring artists: Even Oldridge (Vancouver), Andre Sier (Portugal), Zoe and Athen Ananda (Vancouver),Matt Elfmaster (Vancouver), George Atherton (Seattle), Ze Frank (San Francisco)

Access – insight through internet showcase

Harnessing global village the Access insight Perl will house 8 to 10 computer kiosks each highlighting ground-breaking web-sites that innovated the way art and information is experienced on the world wide web. Some examples include:
www.rtmark.com , www.gnn.tv , www.rhizome.org, http://www.saatchi-gallery.co.uk/

Heliomatrix is an adaptive mirror array precisely controlled by servos and coordinated by a network of microcontrollers. It is like a chameleon, with scaly flesh composed of reflective mirrors, each one capable of independent thought and movement. The array harnesses, reflects and manipulates light to produce a virtually limitless spectrum of effects, ranging from a sophisticated, multi-coloured light show to a savage display of the sun’s incendiary power.

Short film and Animation Showcase
Short films, animations and experimental video/digital arts created by independent media artists. This exhibit showcases unique innovations or uses of video, story and media by artists working independent of funding or a studio environment.

Visual Soundscape Lounge
The Visual Soundscape Lounge is a relaxing oasis with licensed bar and late night fare complete with audio-visual accompaniment courtesy of COZ&FX*.

* A collaboration between some well-travelled DJ’s, an internationally renowned record label, a graphic design enterprise and 3 ever curious minds, COZ&FX fuses free range electronica with still and motion graphics to create an immersive and dynamic metamedia experience.

Roaming Performance Artists: UPPER REALMS
Upper Realms
Spectacle based performances involving costumes, stilts, lights, puppets and dance. Upper Realms’ experimental use of materials and interactive nature are sure to catch your attention.

D-Sign Info
D-Sign addresses a new approach to information distribution, entertainment and storefront advertising by making it digital and interactive. The D-Sign interactive gesture-based system will draw, capture and hold an audience with its innovative system of device-free interaction.

FLUXUS is an exploration of the art of conversation. In a digital environment dominated by emoticons and abrv’s Team Fluxus has created a system which abstractly elevates standard text chat to an artistic, organic, and emotive experience.

Think of it as green cinema meets performance films. Recycled shipping containers are reconfigured to house screenings of Canadian and international dance, sport and performance films that celebrate physicality in art and sport.

Neographic -Urban Communication for Urban Commandos
When the voice of the people cannot be heard through traditional means, the people must turn to subversive operations. Trained in the depths of the world’s largest urban jungle, the Graffiti Research Lab has deployed an elite Splinter Cell of Canadian agents to combat the establishment and penetrate the consciousness of the masses. Highly skilled in the use of Weapons of Mass Defacement, these rogue agents assist in the liberation of the people from the psychological warfare of the ad executives.
Through the use of projection, graffiti artists will ‘paint’ and tag buildings in real-time without violating the property. In order to present the diversity and evolution of graffiti, the project is based on traditional forms of graffiti and the translation of their unique styles into the digital domain.

Built in Obsolete
Outfitted with all the latest cutting edge gadgets- dusty treasure and weathered wood, rusted-out contraptions and outdated inventions- a curious assemblage of technological oddities long forgotten, operating in ways they were never meant to be. This installation juxtaposes the contemporary and antiquated, evoking a metaphysical fiction wherein the ordinary tools of today- the technology that we take for granted – may be considered in an extraordinary light.


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  1. it is going to be the most dynamic new media arts exhibition Vancouver artists and people have experienced right here at home!