March 6th

SHELL Exhibition and PERL Series

Opening Reception 7pm-10pm
Night Program 9pm- 2am

The digital culture Shell Exhibition features Perl installations. The Perls are unified and unique environments that represent a specific genre of new media art each with their own theme and medium. The Perl’s primary focus is to introduce and educate our audience to the diversity of new media art as well as to promote and work in partnership with local and international artists.


Exploring the shifting sights and sounds of dance-floor techno/logy. The underlying message of Techno and its offshoots has always been about the future and its possibilities within the man-machine concept with the strong influence of rhythmic structures. Techforms provides a forum where audio and video artists integrate and manipulate modern and traditional technologies in an effort to redefine musical genres and their performances.
Akufen, Musique Risquée – Canada
Deepchild, Freerange, OM – Australia
Scott W, Open Studios – Canada
Sven Torpedo, Open Studios – Canada

Feature Visuals Presentation RAW MATERIAL

Special Feature -Raw Materials –  This East-West Coast premiere of a real-time telepresence collaboration between artists in Vancouver (W2) and Montreal (SAT), will collide the past, present and future architectures of Montreal and Vancouver in 10 000 sq. feet of media art installations. Within this visual mosaic, user-generated “raw material” becomes the palette from which a public audio-visual performance is created. Use your phone to contribute images, text and video to the evenings special event.

Featuring Artists

Favianna and Reed Rickert San Fransisco
Live via propulse Art from Montreal
VJ Pink Rubber Lady
VJ jocool
Live in Vancouver
VJ Electrabelle
VJ  Brady Marks

Freerange OM

Deepchild is Australian DJ/producer Rick Bull – a stalwart of the Australian deep-house/minimal-tech community and long-time radio presence on the airwaves of Fbi 94.5FM radio in Sydney…From quirky, stripped-back techno to deep dub explorations, deepchild has proven a robust producer and highly respected dj and live-performer. When not turning the dials in his studio in Bondi, Sydney, deepchild bunkers down for extended production duties in his unofficial ’second homes’ of various studios in Berlin and Edinburgh.

Akufen Montreal
Musique Risquee


Akufen is the musical pseudonym of Montreal, Canada based artist, Marc Leclair. Since 1999, Akufen has been amassing a thick stockpile of 12″ releases for labels like Perlon, Background, Traum, Oral, Trapez, and Force Inc. For most of the tracks on 2002’s My Way, his first full-length album for Force Inc., Leclair employed a technique he referred to as “microsampling.” Leclair would spend hours of each morning recording material from AM/FM dials and a shortwave, and he would then use those recordings as fodder for his productions, splicing seconds into minute fragments (consisting of voices, song snips, acoustic guitar flicks, and all sorts of unidentifiable moments) and applying them to danceable, hook-heavy house tracks.


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