March 5th

SHELL Exhibition and PERL Series
Opening Reception 7pm-10pm
Night Program 9pm- 2am

The digital culture Shell Exhibition features Perl installations. The Perls are unified and unique environments that represent a specific genre of new media art each with their own theme and medium. The Perl’s primary focus is to introduce and educate our audience to the diversity of new media art as well as to promote and work in partnership with local and international artists.

Mosaic Sounds
9pm- 2pm
Beats Without Borders synthesizes global music and multimedia technology with DJs, VJs, dancers and musicians from around the globe in a red-hot dance party for the new millennium
Bringing together traditional cultures, electronic beats, and the newest in audio and visual technology, Beats Without Borders presents an exhibition of the new face of digital culture. A dance party with a conscience (and a good sense of humour!), this night will show how music and art from many different cultures can bring people together in a spirit of unity and togetherness. Live music and dance collaboration is key to the BWB experience; Mosaic Soundz will feature special guest artists fusing old and new to create something totally new and unexpected.

Nickodemus -Turntables on the Hudson -NYC
Zimbamoto – Zimbabwean Fire- Vancouver
With African dancer: Kesseke Yeo –
Lady Ra – Beats without Borders – Vancouver
T-spoon – Beats without  Borders- Vancouver
Nils – Beats without Borders –Vancouver
Shamik- beatbox invasion – Canada
Visuals by Electrabelle

Turntables on the Hudson

With over 30 original songs & 40 or more remixes in the past 10 years, Nickodemus has carved a niche for himself in World Music & Dance Music by intersecting World & Urban sounds to make a unique dancefloor fusion of his own. From the early days of Giant Step, to today’s Turntables on the Hudson parties, Nickodemus has been a key element in the NYC dance music scene for over 10 years. As a DJ & a producer, he explores the intersection of Urban & World Music with sounds of Funk, Folk, Jazz, Hip Hop, House & Dub- all with a message of peace, awareness & love for the dance.

Lady Ra
Beats without Borders

Lady Ra emerged in 1996 via CFRU 93.3 fm in Guelph, Ontario, Canada . Freshly trained on antiquated community radio equipment and given free reign of the extensive music library, each show she was able to program was a revelation. Ethnic flavours quickly emerged as her primary passion. She is inspired to continue her travels both overland and underground, seeking out and weaving old and new world sounds into rich musical tapestries hailing from the Four Corners of Earth.