André Sier

‘Space Race #3’
space race #3

Space Race #3 simulates stochastically space exploration; ships are launched into space moving through strong gravitational fields generated by the planetoids, reaching new worlds, or exploding in the air, making networks of chaotic chartographies across space.
André Sier is an artist-programmer, makes drawings, videos, installations, run-time code, using machine programming, creating and manipulating sound, visual, luminous fluxes, building immersive experiences in virtual abstract spaces.

Zoe and Athen Ananda

A device for experiencing augmented reality by using realtime graphics hardware to perform effects on a video signal that represents the users field of view. The experience is as if the effects were occuring on the user’s own vision.
Anandamide – Music and visuals producers. Reality hackers. Digital perception programmers.

Matt Mazur

Lightship Earth
A fusion of wireless kaleidoscopes, cosmic vistas, dancing monkeys & high-velocity galactic portals. |
Matt Mazur (aka VJ Elfmaster) is a galactic monkey who has a talent for creating fantastic lightships, illuminating party visuals, and insane websites. He is also an Internet programmer, multimedia developer, and Jedi-in-training. He lives in Vancouver with his gnome.

Ze Frank

Voice Draw
Control a simple drawing application using only your voice.
Ze Frank is an internet sensation, an inane genius full of brilliantly silly ideas that he shares through his website and internet show. Prepare to be delighted.

George Atherton

Neuroglobin: The last of three pieces created during a 24-hour art marathon for the Center on Contemporary Arts in Seattle.
Holographic Buddha Network: The 2nd of three pieces created during a 24-hour art marathon for the Center on Contemporary Arts in Seattle.
Nanorganic: Painted live at Connexion, Seattle 08
Mycelial Beatscape: Painted live at Create, Mt. Rainier 08
Somatic Revolution: Painted live at Somatic Revolution, Orcas Island 08

I seek create a medicinal narrative. My education at the Evergreen State College empowered me with a vision of how I could use art to promote an integrated culture of sustainability.


Interactive Divine Reflections
A live interactive digital portrait is automatically created as you interface with the piece |
Even is a self taught artist and heavily schooled engineer interested in the convergence between art and engineering, particularly through the use of computer vision. Currently working on his PhD at UBC, he graduates this summer and hopes to pursue a career in this field.

Built-In Obselete
The Ecdysis Visual Arts Collective works collaboratively to produce pioneering, experimental installation exhibitions. We come together as a group of assemblage artists, social sculptors and city scavengers, pooling our resources to co-create transformative built environments with found and reclaimed materials wherever possible.

  • L. Basil McMahon [] is a professional visual artist, event producer, and community facilitator who rescues beauty from dumpsters, back-alleys, and forsaken places in our city.
  • Alastair Knowles [] creates estranged scenarios that provide places where rational thought and action is neglected and where perplexity and oddities are normalized.
  • Blake Wrinkles [] focuses his praxis on increasing awareness of the fundamentally unified nature of physical reality, and the co-creative capacities that are enabled by the collective perception of unified systems.
  • Shea Allan-McCachen [] is an MFA candidate at the University of British Columbia. Her current work is directed towards drawing installations which provide the viewer with insight into the wanton humors of otherwise opaque archtectural spaces.
  • Nayana Priya Filkov [] is presently in Bali, Indonesia, from where she will contribute to Built-In Obsolete remotely. Her creative work explores the lingering equilibrium of expression and introspection.



D-Sign Info

  • Mike Cornford – Project Manager and Business Development Manager – Mike is responsible for managing all facets of our product and business development. He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and was a very effective project manger on our recent and hugely successful InTransitBC project. His knowledge of Business Development is another key asset that will certainly lead to our success going forward. Mike is also a graduate student of the Masters of Digital Media (MDM) program in Vancouver, BC.
  • Ashley Welsh – Communications Manager and Programmer – Ashley is building on the unique and innovative interactive and gesture-based working system that we have created while taking advantage of the programming environment for our second commercial iteration. He also operates in conjunction with Mike as the external communications liaison to potential clients. Ashley is also a graduate student of the Masters of Digital Media (MDM) program in Vancouver, BC.
  • Yangos Hadjiyannis – Creative Director – Yangos has experience working within the advertising world and thus his background has been invaluable for the vision behind the systems content development. He works closely with our artistic director to create content that is evocative to potential clients and relevant to their business needs. Yangos is also a graduate student of the Masters of Digital Media (MDM) program in Vancouver, BC.
  • Vincent Yang – Artisitic Director – Vincent is responsible for the 3d asset creation as well as working with our programmer on how to best implement these assets into our game-engine-like environment. His repertoire of skills and knowledge surrounding live-rendering of 3d content, a feature of the environment we are programming, has resulted in many of our successes. Vincent is also a graduate student of the Masters of Digital Media (MDM) program in Vancouver, BC.
  • —————————


    the art of conversation

    • Ryan Nadel – concept, design, sound, writer
      MDM STUDENT | Class of 2010
      Ryan graduated with a degree in Psychology from Yeshiva University in New York City. He has since worked in real estate finance, was a journalist in the Middle East at The Jerusalem Post, Assistant News Director at, and Producer Coordinator at Ryan enters the Masters of Digital Media program to discover new applications of digital media, namely the convergence of multi-media platforms and interactive environments. He hopes to explore the social, economic, and artistic impact these mediums have on our rapidly evolving electronic environment.
    • Mark Freeman – concept, design, programmer
      MDM STUDENT | Class of 2010
      Raised in rural Ontario and urban Japan, Mark graduated from the University of Toronto with an HBA in World Literature and East Asian Studies before heading-up the English Literature department at one of Korea’s top high schools. He recently traveled around the world by land and sea, blogging about sustainable travel and global culture on, and also directed “May God Make It Easy”, an Arabic-language documentary on youth employment in Cairo. Through the MDM program, Mark hopes to explore the developmental possibilities of digital media and help propel the evolution of the digital novel.
    • Matthew Schroeter – concept, design, programmer
      MDM STUDENT | Class of 2010
      A graduate from the University of Washington with a BA in Cinema Studies, Matthew has consistently focused on exploring visual representations of the world through digital means. A former press photographer, Matthew’s education and experience in graphic design, photography, and film have enabled him to develop an awareness of the influential capacity images contain. Matthew comes to the Master’s of Digital Media Program seeking to gain knowledge and experience in the gaming industry, as he aims to be an influential player in the field. Matthew ultimately wants to develop higher interactivity with virtual interfaces within digital media, as well as improve interconnectivity in digital systems.
    • Ken Pratt – lead programmer
      MDM STUDENT | Class of 2010
      Despite growing up in rural BC with limited access to technology, Ken developed a strong passion for computing and gaming. While completing a B.Sc. in Computer Science at UBC, Ken created software for Corel, WebCT, and Electronic Arts, and has worked at EA Canada for the last three years as a Software Engineer. He was integral in the launch of EA SPORTS World, earning credits on many 2008 and 2009 titles while pursuing interests in open source in his spare time. At MDM, Ken intends to develop his creative strengths and learn the skills necessary to start his own digital media company.
    • Jason Chang – programmer
      MDM STUDENT | Class of 2010
      Having a BSc in Computer Science from UBC and a BA in Fine Arts from Emily Carr Emily Carr Institute of Art, Jason entered the Master of Digital Media Program to explore various opportunities for being a multi-disciplinary software engineer and artist. Seeking new possibilities for the application of digital media is his major goal. He is looking forward to work with new technologies and talent people in digital media industry.
    • Bryan Clarke – concept, design
      MDM STUDENT | Class of 2010
      Born and raised in the Vancouver area, Bryan is a graduate of Simon Fraser University with a BSc in Interactive Arts. With a background in theatre tech and a passion for all things with blinking lights, Bryan hopes to make the best of his experience at the MDM program. His goals for the future are to design games for the next generation of kids like him.
    • Karin Schmidlin – concept, design, website
      MDM STUDENT | Class of 2010
      Karin’s artistic background reads like the map of a European city, where diversity is embedded in the rich texture of its narrative. Trained as a classical stage actor at Zurich University of the Arts, she learned early on to interpret story through her body. Upon graduation from British Columbia Institute of Technology’s New Media Program, Karin has been working as a graphic designer in the film industry where she creates visuals that oscillate between hiding and revealing meaning to a wide audience. With a teaching appointment from BCIT and a focus on visual effects, she intends to unsettle the landscape of what she knows and to re-imagine new perspectives within the digital experience.



    Graffiti Research Lab

    • Ed Jordan
    • Curly
    • Aaron Geeraert
    • Neps
    • Rhek
    • Virus
    • Yescal
    • Snak



    The Heliomatrix team is a unique collaboration of emerging artists, designers, and engineers who seek expression through technical art. Although each member is accomplished in multiple fields, cutting edge technical art projects, by their nature, demand a variety of skill sets rarely found in a single individual. With a solid background ranging from industrial engineering design, to creative arts, to software development the Heliomatrix team seeks to explore the boundaries of large scale, interactive kinetic sculpture.

    • Alex Mossman
    • Andrew Bruce Lau
    • Dan Anderson
    • Doris Tang
    • Eva Shaffer
    • Leigh Christie
    • Mariana Matranga
    • Ram Randhawa
    • Ray Alava
    • Sarah Hay
    • Stefan Storey


    Roaming Performances

    Vern, Cody and Jen, who have collaborated on many occasions, bring some spectacle based performances involving costumes, stilts, lights, puppets and dance. Their experimental use of materials and interactive nature are sure to catch your attention as being unique and delightful.

    • Vern Clare is a veteran in the EastVan alternative art scene known for his giant puppets, carnival music, community art workshops and political activism. His ingenious building skills and contagious creativity have taken him to various festivals and events close to home and as far as Europe and Latin America.
    • Jennifer Norquist is a performance and visual artist known for her puppets and spectacle based performances, often involving public engagement. She is based on the Sunshine Coast but is active in Vancouver and has taken her performing talents around BC and to Latin America.
    • Cody Chancellor is a multi-disciplined artist whose portfolio spans design, visual arts and performance. His high power performances have been known to transform and shift the energy up a notch at numerous festivals and events. He is originally from California but now lives on the Sunshine Coast.
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  1. Matt Mazur!!

    this list is insane? I can’t believe this is happening IN VANCOUVER! This is like one of those festivals I have to travel 1,000 km to get to.

  2. Go Elfmaster!

    I agree with Leigh.. When are you taking this on the road and coming to Toronto?

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