Midforms Festival 09 (MFF) is a 3-day Digital Culture Festival co-produced by the New Forms Media Society and presented as part of the Cultural Olympiad. MFF facilitates a curatorial design that encourages artists and participants alike to engage and discover the trans-disciplinary genres new media art has to offer.

There are two components: the main exhibition called “Shell” and the “Sound and Visual Series”.

“Shell” is a fresh concept for digital culture proliferation. Housed in the Shell are the inaugural Perl Series (custom built structures showcasing a genre of New Media Art) along with Visual Sound Lounge and roaming performance artists.

“The Sound and Visual Series” explores the edges of visual and audio design. Acclaimed electronic music producers and visual artists showcase the cutting edge in an underground dance environment. The nights include: Mosaic Sounds (Global Fusion), Techforms (Tech and Minimal) and BREAKFORMS (Breaks and HipHop).

About New Forms Media Society

New Forms Media Society (NFMS) exists to unite creative communities, push artistic and conceptual boundaries and explore digital media as an art form. By producing the New Forms Festival (NFF), we aim to raise the profile of local artists, media arts, underground and subversive arts movements and practices both in Canada and abroad, and facilitate media arts discourse within the public sphere.

NFMS is a non-profit society that exists to provide the following through the NFF:

  • Promote new art forms and talent in an interactive forum
  • Explore and research new directions in new media, arts and technology from an alternative aesthetic
  • Create ways in which new forms of art, media and culture are accessible, engaging, and exciting to a larger audience
  • Provide a vehicle to promote Canadian artists on a local, national and international scale
  • Facilitate learning by encouraging the public and industry to engage and participate in transformative experiences through critical discussion and exploration of these forms
  • Provide support and advocacy for emerging and established new forms of music, film and technology-based installation and performance
  • Provide media arts resources and education to Canadian artists, through production, development, dissemination workshops and events
  • Operate from a position of curiosity, integrity, openness and respect

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