Call For Volunteers

Currently we are seeking inspired people to help activate and participate in the festival through volunteering. Volunteering with MFF is a unique way to contribute to the festival while gaining  intimate insight into the festival and the artists’ works. Connect with like-minded people, learn new skills, experience next level art, and contribute to Vancouver’s pulsing art scene.

Volunteer positions available: Tickets/door // set-up and strike // coat check // site clean up/recycling // security // technical set-up/support // construction // drivers/ pick up/drop off // canvassing/poster/fliers // backstage/green room assistance (hospitality) // photographer // videographers // first aid //

Midforms Festival 09 (MFF) is a 3-day Digital Culture Festival co-produced by the New Forms Media Society and the Cultural Olympiad.  MFF facilitates a curatorial design that encourages artists and participants alike to engage and discover the transdisciplinary genres new media art has to offer. There are two components; the main exhibition called Shell and the Sound and Visual Series. Read more about us here and our events here.

We begin a four-day set up FEBRUARY 28th!!! The time is now…


  • We’ll send you a form to find your position/schedualing
  • Fill out the Volunteer Application Form
  • Pick your shifts
  • Turn up and co-create!
  • Receive a FESTIVAL PASS to the event and a gratitude after party with perks 🙂


Contact: Natalie Woodhouse: 1-604-989-4640


3 responses to “Call For Volunteers

  1. Can we make a post regarding directions to the event?? How to find the front entrance and possibly parking/bus detail.

  2. Sure can! Sounds like a plan – Just hoping to connect with Lauren and possibly you too? to get more rolling on the content front.

  3. nice site

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